Too soon to mend fences with those who opposed us – and still plot against us

Losers Chirac and Schroeder: Let ’em stew.

Faced with having been on the losing side in Iraq, France and Germany now say they’re happy Saddam Hussein is gone.

Neither, of course, congratulated the United States, Britain, Australia or Poland, whose people had done all the work. In fact, they’re plotting with Russia to undermine the US and the UK.

“France, like all democracies, is delighted at the fall of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and hopes for a quick and effective end to the fighting,” proclaimed the office of President Jacques Chirac.

“With the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein, it is a dark page that is turned and we are delighted,” added Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, licking the bruises of his failed half-year effort to save the Ba’athist regime.

Said Germany’s socialist Chanceller Gerhard Schroeder, “The important thing now is to make a political profit out of a probable and welcome victory.”

His foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, immediately urged the United States and Britain to hand their victory over to the United Nations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country had armed Saddam Hussein to the hilt and had cut multibillion-dollar oil deals with the regime, won’t comment yet.

He is hosting a tripartite summit of losers in Russia. Warned the pro-Chirac ex-premier Alain Juppe, “The summit must not look like a show of anti-Americanism.”

Of course not. We all know what their real agenda is.


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