Are they talking about Saddam? Photos Raise Allegations of Torture By LIZETTE ALVAREZ ONDON, May 30 — A British soldier was arrested today after he left a roll of film at a photo store that appeared to show an Iraqi prisoner being tortured, the Defense Ministry said today. The film depicted a bound and gagged... Continue Reading →


They should be judged by what they have said in the past. Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who Said What When CounterPunch Wire Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. Dick Cheney August 26, 2002 Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the... Continue Reading →

It is a story of post war neglect all too common here. Children suffer on Baghdad streets By Matthew Chance CNN BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Since the collapse of the Iraqi regime, homeless children -- often drug-addicted and hungry -- have become a common sight on the streets of Baghdad. There are no exact statistics,... Continue Reading →

How Much Democracy Is Too Much? By Slavoj Žižek | 5.19.03 print | email | comment A democratic Iraq will probably want to sanction Israel, oppose free trade and resist oil privatization. Democracy is not merely the “power of, by, and for the people.” It is not enough just to claim that, in democracy, the... Continue Reading →

To call this a tragedy would be an understatement. Iran's youth seek future overseas By Miranda Eeles BBC correspondent in Tehran More than 100,000 students in Iran will be taking their final university exams in the next few weeks. But while they may be looking forward to finishing their studies, what comes afterwards is a... Continue Reading →

At least a few people are left who have a have history of making sense. Note the following article was written in 1996. Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy by William Kristol and Robert Kagan THE TEPID CONSENSUS IN FOREIGN policy, conservatives are adrift. They disdain the Wilsonian multilateralism of the Clinton administration; they are tempted... Continue Reading →

Truth is rewritten all the times Iraq weapons dossier 'rewritten' UN inspectors failed to find weapons of mass destruction A dossier compiled by the government on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction was rewritten to make it "sexier", a senior British official has told the BBC. The claim - hotly denied by Downing Street -... Continue Reading →

This speaks for itself "The next day, we decided to put her on a donkey cart so she would be in open view of the U.S. soldiers," said Dr. Miqdad al-Khazaei. Some Say Force Not Needed in Lynch Rescue By SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, Associated Press Writer NASIRIYAH, Iraq - The U.S. commandos refused a key and... Continue Reading →

Compelment of US ineptness "But rising frustration among millions of Iraqis over the U.S. occupation is beginning to produce the desperate foot soldiers of resistance like Salih, who left her father a brief letter the day she died " Suicide Attacker a Heroine to Frustrated Iraqis In City That War Barely Touched, Residents Revere Woman... Continue Reading →

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