Who is the U.S. trying to fool? Themsleves may be!

William Pfaff IHT

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Chaos in Iraq

PARIS It is hard to see where the Bush administration thinks it is going in Iraq, or whether it grasps how much its dissimulation and bad faith over the Israeli-Palestinian “road map” will cost it.

The situation in Iraq, even by friendly accounts, seems to be deteriorating, and unfriendly accounts in both the British and the French press are scathing.

Major combat was pronounced finished a month ago, but U.S. authorities in Baghdad, seemingly still confused or in dispute over how to restore order and a functioning administration, have yet to get a grip on the situation. Visitors to U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad, situated in one of Saddam’s former palaces, are given elaborate PowerPoint presentations on the military security situation, irrelevant to the reigning lawlessness and disorder Baghdad’s citizens experience. U.S. officials go out only in escorted convoys.

International Herald Tribune


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