Could it be that somebody is waking up!!

Senators Sharply Criticize Iraq Rebuilding Efforts


ASHINGTON, May 22 — Democratic senators assailed the Bush administration’s postwar reconstruction effort in Iraq today, peppering Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz with complaints about the planning and execution of the strategy. Even Republicans joined in, offering mild criticisms of the administration’s performance.

Lawmakers have been seething over the administration’s failure to consult in depth with Congress about the costs, methods and goals of rebuilding Iraq, and those frustrations boiled over at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The concerns voiced by lawmakers underscored the challenges facing the administration not only on the ground in Iraq, but also in maintaining support in Congress, allied capitals and among the American public for the difficult and dangerous postwar mission.

“I am concerned that the administration’s initial stabilization and reconstruction efforts have been inadequate,” said Senator Richard G. Lugar, an Indiana Republican who heads the committee. “The planning for peace was much less developed than the planning for war.” Mr. Lugar said the physical and political reconstruction of Iraq would take at least five years.NY Times


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