“[WMD] is what this war was about and is about.’

Wild weapons chase

by Brendan O’Neill

US forces are in turmoil over their failure to find Saddam’s weapons. On 5 February, six weeks before the war started, US secretary of state Colin Powell told the UN Security Council that Saddam had ‘hundreds of tons of biological and chemical agents’ (2). On the eve of the war on 19 March, President Bush said America refused to ‘live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder’ (3). One war, two months and a defeated regime later, and still there’s no sign of Saddam’s hundred-ton threat to world peace.

America’s desire to make good its prewar claims about Iraq’s deadly weapons is no doubt a big part of its ongoing hunt. In their clashes with the UN and spats with chief weapons inspector Hans Blix, US spokesmen continually emphasised the urgency of ‘disarming Saddam’ (4). Now they want to show Blix and co that they were right all along. SpikedOnline


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