Compelment of US ineptness

“But rising frustration among millions of Iraqis over the U.S. occupation is beginning to produce the desperate foot soldiers of resistance like Salih, who left her father a brief letter the day she died ”

Suicide Attacker a Heroine to Frustrated Iraqis

In City That War Barely Touched, Residents Revere Woman Who Threw Grenade at U.S. Troops

By Scott Wilson

Washington Post Foreign Service

Wednesday, May 28, 2003; Page A12

BAQUBA, Iraq, May 27 — Drifting through the afternoon heat shrouded in black, Eman Mutlag Salih paced by several times, shopkeepers recalled, and she looked nervous. She passed down one side of the street, past the children congregated outside the U.S. Army post, they said, then across to repeat the loop a third, fourth and fifth time.

“We suspected something strange because of the way she was walking,” said Zuhair Mahmood Ahmed, who owns a tiny portrait photography studio between two former government buildings occupied by U.S. troops. “We thought maybe she had something to say to the Americans, but here we really don’t accept women talking to the Americans. So we didn’t know what was happening.”

Washington Post


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