This speaks for itself

“The next day, we decided to put her on a donkey cart so she would be in open view of the U.S. soldiers,” said Dr. Miqdad al-Khazaei.

Some Say Force Not Needed in Lynch Rescue

By SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, Associated Press Writer

NASIRIYAH, Iraq – The U.S. commandos refused a key and instead broke down doors and went in with guns drawn. They carried away the prisoner in the dead of night with helicopter and armored vehicle backup — even though there was no Iraqi military presence and the hospital staff didn’t resist In the tale of Pfc. Jessica Lynch’s rescue, this is the Iraqi side. New attention has been drawn to the April 1 rescue since a BBC report earlier this month created controversy by charging the Pentagon (news – web sites) exaggerated the danger of the raid. An Associated Press reporter spoke to more than 20 doctors, nurses and other workers at the hospital. In interview after interview, the assessment was the same: The dramatics that surrounded Lynch’s rescue were unnecessary. Some also said the raid itself was unneeded because they were trying to turn Lynch over, although they conceded they made no attempt to notify U.S. troops of that effort.

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