Us making a deal with Taleban?

U.S. and Pakistani intelligence officials have reportedly met with Taliban leaders in an effort to devise a political solution to an escalating guerrilla war in Afghanistan.

According to a Pakistani jihadi leader who played a role in setting up the communication, a recent meeting took place between representatives of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Taliban leaders at the Pakistan Air Force base of Samungli, near Quetta.

The source told Asia Times Online that four conditions were put to the Taliban before any form of reconciliation could take place that could potentially lead to a Taliban role in the Kabul government:

–Mullah Omar must be removed as supreme leader of the Taliban.

–All Pakistani, Arab and other foreign fighters currently engaged in operations against international troops in Afghanistan must be thrown out of the country.

–Any U.S. or allied soldiers held captive must be released.

–Afghans currently living abroad, notably in the United States and England, must be given a part in the government, through being allowed to contest elections.

Apparently, the Taliban refused the first condition point-blank, but showed some flexibility on the others. As such, this first preliminary contact made little headway. Pacific News


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