And Rumsfield wants us to think this is all because of Bath party!

MAJAR AL-KABIR, Iraq — An angry Iraqi crowd killed six British soldiers because the troops had slain four Iraqi civilians during a demonstration, police said Wednesday, a day after the shootings.

British forces gave civilian leaders in this town 48 hours to hand over the killers of the troops, a municipal official said.

Armed Iraqis killed two of the British soldiers at the scene of the demonstration — in front of the mayor’s office — and then stormed a police station and killed four other British soldiers after a two-hour gunbattle, a pair of Iraqi policemen said.

The violent demonstration was the second in two days, apparently sparked by British soldiers’ searches for heavy weapons in homes, said Abu Zahraa, a 30-year-old vendor.

“This angered the people because they went into women’s rooms,” Zahraa said. “The people considered it an invasion of privacy.”WashingtonPost


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