Here is the group Daniel Pipe support.

“They use the term democracy,” said Ervand Abrahamian, a City University of New York professor and author of “The Iranian Mojahedin.” But “there’s no shred of democracy in the Mujaheddin. Rajavi decides who you sleep with, who you marry, who he sleeps with — everything.”

“They stopped being a mass movement with Marxist roots and became basically a cult,” he said.

Over the years, the group has enjoyed substantial support on Capitol Hill, largely because of its opposition to the fundamentalist government of Iran. An affiliated umbrella organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, maintains an office in the National Press Building, from which spokesmen argue that the State Department added the People’s Mujaheddin to the terrorism list to appease Iran’s mullahs when the Clinton administration was looking to renew relations with Tehran.Washington post


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