impreceise bumbing "Despite the advent of precision weapons, more civilians died in the latest conflict than in the 1991 war, the group suggests. The US military has published no details on Iraqi deaths in either war. The study by the Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) covers the period from 19 March to the end of... Continue Reading →


"At one of the first meetings of the White House's new Iraq Stabilization Group, days before the series of attacks on Monday that left at least 34 dead," says the New York Times, "President Bush's aides debated the trade-off between locking down Baghdad and demonstrating to Iraqis that they now live in an open society,... Continue Reading →

You can't understand what Rumsfeld is up to now unless you can picture the wringer he has just been through. Many lawmakers returned from summer vacation lugging complaints from voters about the mess in Iraq. Bush's polls began to fall, and to halt the slide, the White House ran to the U.N., ostensibly to get... Continue Reading →

This confirms that the people running the show are not very smart. "Identical soldier letters to US newspapers describe accomplishments in Iraq" WASHINGTON (AFP) - Identical letters signed by different soldiers describing their accomplishments in Iraq (news - web sites) have been appearing in newspapers across the United States. AFP Photo It was unclear who... Continue Reading →

The truth is coming out Legal experts said the charges against Army Capt. James Yee are relatively minor in a case that had raised fears that Yee and two other men arrested in recent months on suspicion of similar offenses might have been working together to breach security at the offshore prison. The experts said... Continue Reading →

I have been waiting for this report. But, barring last-minute surprises, it seems certain that the former UN weapons inspector will have to tell the intelligence committees of both houses of Congress on Thursday that as of this moment, he has found no weapons. Mr Kay is reported to believe that Saddam Hussein might have... Continue Reading →

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