“Iraq Scientists: Lied About Nuke Weapons”

Iraqi scientists never revived their long-dead nuclear bomb program, and in fact lied to Saddam Hussein (news – web sites) about how much progress they were making before U.S.-led attacks shut the operation down for good in 1991, Iraqi physicists say.

Before that first Gulf War (news – web sites), the chief of the weapons program resorted to “blatant exaggeration” in telling Iraq (news – web sites)’s president how much bomb material was being produced, key scientist Imad Khadduri writes in a new book.

Other leading physicists, in Baghdad interviews, said the hope for an Iraqi atomic bomb was never realistic. “It was all like building sand castles,” said Abdel Mehdi Talib, Baghdad University’s dean of sciences.

Seven months after a U.S.-British invasion toppled Saddam’s Baath Party government, Iraqi scientists have grown more vocal in countering Bush administration claims, used to justify the war, that Baghdad had “reconstituted” nuclear weapons development, and that it once was a mere six months from making a bomb.

Yahoo News

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