Should Us attack North Korea? North Korea's Tangled Web - Promoting Nonviolent Action for Human Rights in North Korea and North Korean Refugees: "1.) Break North Korea's 'Information Blockade' by deluging the people of North Korea with a diversity of information. The way to do this would be to send millions of tunable AM radios... Continue Reading →


US would rather spend her money boombing people than building schoolsPakistan Adopting a Tough Old Tactic to Flush Out Qaeda: "The governor said he hoped new aid flowing into the area would reduce sympathies for Taliban and Al Qaeda. He said the government had increased the development budget for the tribal areas by 400 percent,... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Adopting a Tough Old Tactic to Flush Out Qaeda: "The United States indirectly helped pay for hundreds of hard-line religious schools that produced anti-Soviet fighters. Today, the same schools appear to produce anti-American fighters. Malik Ajmal Wazir, 35, a leader of the Zalikhel tribe, said in a telephone interview from the tribal areas on... Continue Reading →

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Powell casts doubt on Iraq WMDs: "His comments came after the former head of the US weapons inspection team, David Kay, said he did not believe there were any weapons stockpiles. "

BBC NEWS | UK | Politics | Blair 'must admit WMD defeat': "'It is becoming really rather undignified for the prime minister to continue to insist that he was right all along when everybody can now see he was wrong, when even the head of the Iraq Survey Group has said he was wrong. 'It... Continue Reading → - op/ed: "'Somebody wrote a poem, which said now that he is safely dead, let us praise him,' recalled the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, one of the leaders who succeeded Dr. King as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 'For dead men make such convenient heroes. They cannot rise up to challenge the... Continue Reading →

US: a bigger stick - and no longer speaking softly CS: To supporters, this move heralds a "benevolent global hegemony," with the US using its power to bring about the transformation of repressive regimes and failed states into liberal democracies. To critics, it's a new kind of empire, the likes of which have never been... Continue Reading →

Printer version: Editorial: The wrong war/Why Iraq was a mistake: "Imagine that President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell had made a case for the invasion of Iraq along the following lines: 'Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator who has long oppressed the Iraqi people and threatened Iraq's neighbors. It is U.S. policy to... Continue Reading →

Open Door Policy: "This minor crisis of curiosity past, I noticed the security sign-in roster. Our habit, up until a few weeks before this incident, was not to sign in senior visitors like ambassadors. But about once a year, the security inspectors send out a warning letter that they were coming to inspect records. As... Continue Reading →

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