Don’t drink my iraqi oil! :: Middle East Information Center :: Arab Israeli Conflict News, History, and Discussions: “Here are the appalling details. For the past year, all proceeds from Iraqi oil and gas exports have been deposited into the ?Development Fund for Iraq,? created on May 2003 by UN Resolution 1483. The fund also took over about one billion from the Oil-for-Food program and a similar amount in frozen Iraqi assets. Those funds were given to the control of the occupying authority, the CPA, ?to be used in a transparent manner to meet the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people? and they were to be audited by the International Advisory and Monitoring Board [IAMB], which the UN set up for this purpose.

The IAMB has been trying to audit the Development Fund for Iraq [DFI] for many months now and it?s due to release its report this July. Financial Times obtained an advance copy: it turns out that coalition officials ‘resisted cooperating with the auditors,’ refused to turnover ‘U.S. audits of sole-source contracts funded with Iraqi oil money and awarded to Halliburton last year without competitive bidding,’ and ‘delayed completing audits of the State Oil Marketing Organization’ which markets Iraqi oil.

According to Iraq Revenue Watch, an affiliate of the Open Society Institute, it gets worse: the auditors ?encountered bureaucratic hurdles in obtaining the passes needed to enter the ?green zone? where CPA and government offices are based.?

That?s right. The auditors couldn?t get passes to go into the green zone.

After all, once June 30th passes CPA staff will disperse and any real audit will become next to impossible. Thus the CPA?s finely-tuned method of delay, deny and drag your feet till you?re outta there. “


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