Iraqi Holy City Left Broken by Urban Warfare ( "'We are destroying this city,' a Marine officer said with a sigh at one point in the battle, described by some locals as a siege. How the Arab world sees the damage is a question that field commanders said they had little time to ask themselves... Continue Reading →


Iraqi Holy City Left Broken by Urban Warfare ( "At one point this week, soldiers from a 1st Cavalry Division battalion led by M1-A1 Abrams tanks and heavily armored Bradley Fighting Vehicles watched in bemused wonder as their opponent sent a donkey with a rocket-propelled grenade strapped to its side onto the field of battle.... Continue Reading → - America winning battle, losing the war: "It does not really matter that U.S. Marines avoided directly hitting the shrine. Or, that in case of a showdown, it would be Iraqi, not American, troops who would storm in. Or that Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, not Bush, has been calling the shots, even if... Continue Reading →

ei: Pentagon/Israel Spying Case Expands: Fomenting a War on Iran: "It is an echo of the one-two punch secretly planned by the pro-Likud faction in the Department of Defense. First, Iraq would be taken out by the United States, and then Iran. David Wurmser, a key member of the group, also wanted Syria included. These... Continue Reading →

The New York Times > Washington > F.B.I. Said to Reach Official Suspected of Passing Secrets: "Mr. Feith and the work done under him have been the focus of intense criticism over the past year as questions have mounted about the justification for the war in Iraq. Before the war, Mr. Feith created a small... Continue Reading →

The New York Times > International > Middle East > Insurgency: In Western Iraq, Fundamentalists Hold U.S. at Bay: "In the past three weeks, three former Hussein loyalists appointed to important posts in Falluja and Ramadi have been eliminated by the militants and their Baathist allies. The chief of a battalion of the American-trained Iraqi... Continue Reading →

: "%22Seen anyone with any weapons%3F%22 one asked. %22The Mahdi army are just two clicks away from here.%22 The troops kicked in the door of the funeral office and entered to search it. Abdul Kadhil%2C 55%2C a cousin of Mr Salman%27s father%2C said%3A %22The Americans are beasts. They should respect human beings. I was happy... Continue Reading →

Robert Fisk%3A %27A better and safer place%27: "Yes%2C it is a shameful reflection on our invasion of Iraq - let us solemnly remember %22weapons of mass destruction%22 - but it is%2C above all%2C a tragedy for the Iraqis. They endured the repulsive Saddam. They endured our shameful UN sanctions. They endured our invasion. And now... Continue Reading →

Judith Miller's WMD reporting - New York Times war reporting - Hunt for WMD The Source of the Trouble Pulitzer Prize winner Judith Miller’s series of exclusives about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq—courtesy of the now-notorious Ahmad Chalabi—helped the New York Times keep up with the competition and the Bush administration bolster the case... Continue Reading →

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