: “%22Seen anyone with any weapons%3F%22 one asked. %22The Mahdi army are just two clicks away from here.%22 The troops kicked in the door of the funeral office and entered to search it. Abdul Kadhil%2C 55%2C a cousin of Mr Salman%27s father%2C said%3A %22The Americans are beasts. They should respect human beings. I was happy when they came to free us from Saddam Hussein but now I see them for what they are%3A invaders.%22%0D%0ANear the graveyard entrance soldiers had stopped a Toyota van with another coffin tied to the roof. Specialist Brian Phillips%2C 21%2C was ordered to open the lid.%0D%0A%22Oh my Jesus Christ%2C%22 he exclaimed. %22He%27s got a f****** bullet hole right through his face. It%27s disgusting.%22%0D%0AHe jumped down from the van and vomited in a clump of bushes.%0D%0AThe mother of the dead man began wailing and shouting.%0D%0A%22Hey%2C%22 Staff Sgt Brandon George shouted. %22Grandma over there is freaking out. Calm her down.%22 He explained%3A %22The problem is that we%27ve found some coffins with weapons in them.%22”


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