Display Entry Page: “America and Allawi keep speaking about a ?civil war breaking out? if America leaves. But from polls taken, most

Iraqis say they will take that chance, and all their leaders have made clear that they want the Americans out so they can pull their country together. This hardly sounds like ?civil war.?

Bush and Allawi continue to lie, day after day, to the point that the American public, hearing these lies from the U.S. media now believes them. But, those on the ground who know enough to distrust the words of Allawi, know better. Finally, today, on MSNBC, the Baghdad chief of bureau for Newsweek, a Mr. Nordland, said, ?Things are very bad, and many of the places that Mr. Allawi said are safe, are places I would not venture into.? This helps contradict Bush, Allawi and the sycophants who hang at the hotels and repeat Allawi?s words to the American media outlets for whom they work. “


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