Politics | Falluja in their sights: "Fallujans have now been offered a choice: hand over the outsiders they dislike (mostly Arabs) who are protecting them from the outsiders they really hate (the Americans), or get blown apart by the world's most lethal killing machine, the US marines. Zarqawi's influence on the resistance has been wildly... Continue Reading →


In the name of GOD - NI 370 - Keynote: "God the sponge Some argue that faith is rarely the cause of violence. What religion does is absorb the violence of the society in which it finds itself. ?The Qur?an reflects the brutal tribal warfare that afflicted Arabia during the early seventh century,? points out... Continue Reading →

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Ugly war over West Bank olive crop: "Sometimes the settlers throw stones at the farmers. Sometimes they set dogs on them. A few days ago, a villager was shot dead. On the wooded slopes below the settlement of Tappuah, one Palestinian farmer, Hekmat Abdul Rahman, only feels confident enough... Continue Reading →

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Drug smugglers exploit Iraq chaos: "Most of the drugs that have been found were hidden inside long-distance lorries. The finds have included heroin, cocaine and cannabis. It is another example of how the war in Iraq is causing major problems across the region. "

Yahoo! News - Iran Wants Guarantee of No 'Regime Change'-Diplomats: "Some analysts have become very critical of the Bush administration's stance on Iran, saying its confrontational approach based on threats and accusations has been a failure. David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector and head of a Washington think-tank, agrees with this view. He also... Continue Reading →

Salon.com News | Maimed but not mute: "'I was called to serve in Iraq because the government said there were weapons of mass destruction -- but they weren't there,' Spc. Robert Acosta, 21, who was an ammunitions specialist with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq, says in the thought-provoking ad. 'They said Iraq had something... Continue Reading →

The Consortiumnews.com: "In the months before the Iraq invasion in 2003, we began writing that the proper term for the so-called Bush Doctrine was not ?preemptive? war but ?predictive? war. Our reasoning was that ?preemptive? war required clear evidence that Iraq was threatening or preparing to attack the United States, but George W. Bush was... Continue Reading →

Al Jazeera: "Israeli intelligence helped the U.S. and British services in painting a ?false? picture, said the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. The country's secret services could lose their credibility over the Iraqi issue, Israeli politicians have warned. 'Israeli intelligence was a full partner with the U.S. and Britain in developing... Continue Reading →

Al Jazeera: "Israel had always had active spies in Kurdish areas of Iran, Syria and Iraq, running covert operations that jeopardize the security of the entire region, according to a report in the New Yorker magazine released in July. That article was written by Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who uncovered Abu Ghraib scandal.... Continue Reading →

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