The “In the months before the Iraq invasion in 2003, we began writing that the proper term for the so-called Bush Doctrine was not ?preemptive? war but ?predictive? war. Our reasoning was that ?preemptive? war required clear evidence that Iraq was threatening or preparing to attack the United States, but George W. Bush was simply predicting that Iraq might someday pose a threat.

We compared the Bush Doctrine with ?predictive crime? featured in the futuristic Tom Cruise movie, ?Minority Report,? in which police rely on oracles to arrest people who are judged to be on the verge of committing murder.

During the second presidential debate in St. Louis on Oct. 8, Bush effectively confirmed that he is operating under a doctrine of ‘predictive’ war.

The admission came when Bush was discussing the findings of his own inspection team, which had reported that Iraq had no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq didn’t even have any active programs to build them. So, Bush shifted his defense.

His new argument for the Iraq invasion was twofold: Saddam Hussein held a grudge against the United States and harbored hopes that he might eventually be able to restart his weapons programs”

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