TomDispatch: “Given that we were (by administration definition) at war, it should have been self-evident that those we captured in our ‘war’ on terrorism would then be ‘prisoners of war,’ but no such luck for them, since their rights would in that case have been clearly defined in international treaties signed by the United States. So the Bush administration opened its Devil’s Dictionary and came up with a new, tortured term for our new prisoners, ‘unlawful combatants,’ which really stood for: We can do anything we want to you in a place of our choosing. For that place, they then chose Guant?namo, an American base in Cuba (which they promptly defined as within ‘Cuban sovereignty’ for the purposes of putting our detention camps beyond the purview of American courts or Congress, but within Bush administration sovereignty — the sole kind that counted with them — for the purposes of the Cubans). “


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