U.S., insurgents locked in stalemate in Anbar: “_ Military officials in Ramadi said insurgents there had learned the times of their patrol shift changes. When one group of vehicles comes to relieve another, civilian traffic is pushed to the side of the road to allow the military to pass. Insurgents plan and use this opportunity, surrounded by other cars, to drop homemade bombs out their windows or through holes cut in the rear floor.

_ The insurgents have figured out by trial and error the different viewing ranges of the optics systems in American tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Humvees.

‘They’ve mapped it out. They go into the road and try to draw fire to see what our range is and then they make a note of it and start putting IEDs that far out,’ said Army Maj. Jason Pelletier, 32, of the 28th Infantry Division, referring to improvised explosive devices, the military’s term for homemade bombs. ‘It’s that cat-and-mouse game. They do something, we react and they note our reaction,’ said Pelletier, who’s from Milton, Vt.

_ Faced with the U.S. military’s technological might, guerrilla fighters have relied on gathering intelligence and using cheap, effective devices to kill and maim.

Marines raided a home near their base in Hit and found three Sudanese insurgents with a crude map they’d drawn of the American base, including notes detailing when patrols left the gate, whether they were on foot or in vehicles and the numbers of Marines on the patrols.

The three men also had $11,000 in cash in an area in which insurgents pay locals $50 to plant bombs in the road.

The guerrilla fighters in Hit have used small, yellow and pink, Japanese star-shaped alarm clocks – similar to those popular with little girls in the United States – as timers to detonate rocket launchers “


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