<a href="The EU-3 would rather continue to participate in fraudulent diplomacy rather than confront the hard truth -- that it is the United States, and not Iran, that is operating outside international law when it comes to the issue of Iran's nuclear program. In doing so, the EU-3, and to a lesser extent the IAEA,... Continue Reading →


The Observer | UK News | Secrets of bomber's death tape: "This idea guided me as I made the BBC film. I found that, though militants of all stripes had been launching suicide attacks and hoping to publicise their deaths for centuries, the world is now facing an unprecedented challenge. Modern technology means that, instead... Continue Reading →

Special Dispatch Series - No. 725: "Saudi Ambassador to Washignton: 'We Must, as a State and as a People, Recognize the Truth about These Criminals? We Must All Obey Allah's Directive and Kill Those Who Spread Corruption in the Land'"

Al Jazeera: "'I could hardly believe it, but Wolfowitz was spouting the Laurie Mylroie theory that Iraq was behind the 1993 truck bomb at the World Trade Centre, a theory that had been investigated for years and found to be totally untrue.' Mylroie's influence can also be seen in the reaction of Bush?s admin after... Continue Reading →

The latest falsehood: The U.S. is in Iraq to stabilize it -: "And, we have not seen the worst of it. On August 30 a New York judge was to hear oral argument on the release of many more photos and videos of torture. The only argument against release of the information is the DoD... Continue Reading →

The Observer | UK News | Secrets of bomber's death tape: "'Our words have no impact,' he says. 'Therefore I am going to talk to you in a language you understand. Our words are dead until we give them life with our blood.'"

Invasion of the Isolationists - New York Times: "We do not know what outcome we will face in Iraq. We do know that four years after 9/11, our whole foreign policy seems destined to rise or fall on the outcome of a war only marginally related to the source of what befell us on that... Continue Reading →

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