Al Jazeera: “Allawi, who spent three decades in exile working partly with British and U.S. intelligence after breaking with Saddam Hussein and his Ba?ath party, met with various Arab leaders and officials the past period, discussing what The Tehran Times said was a plan that will lead to a coup in Iraq by reestablishing the Iraqi army and reorganizing the scattered forces of the Ba?ath Party, believing that only a military coup will extricate Iraq from its current crisis, and that Allawi is the man for the job.

The reason why the Bush administration and other countries in the Middle East region would support a coup in Iraq is the fear from a possible victory of the Shia, backed by Iran, in the December 15 parliamentary elections, which they think would lead to the formation of a ‘Shia Crescent’ in the region.

Washington claims it wants to establish Iraqi Unity, but the situation we’re facing here is that the ethnic tension between Iraq?s ethnic groups has worsened ever since the occupying soldiers set foot in the country. Now “

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