(DV) Norouzi: US Media and the Road to War With Iran: “As the U.S. mutates the rationale for its preemptive invasion of Iraq, the mainstream media continues to pander to xenophobic and partisan denominators vis-?-vis Iran. Despite massive government intelligence failures concerning the September 11th tragedy, the heartbreaking devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and the perversely flawed intelligence on non-existent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, major media outlets persist in rushing to judgment on the manufactured Iranian nuclear ‘crisis’. It is a sickening display.
The lopsided reporting is nothing new. American media, in complicity with the U.S. government, has waged a no-holds barred image war with Iran ever since it broke diplomatic relations following the Islamic Revolution. It is safe to say that approximately 99% of the media coverage of Iran over the past 25+ years has been negative, and of that, about 99% is of a political nature. Therefore, although politics is but one facet of life, Iran — its people, its culture, its history — is perceived almost entirely through a political vacuum. In this way, Iranians remain an abstraction in the American consciousness, perfectly situated for slaughter should circumstances desire.

The image war officially began in 1979, after large mobs of Iranian students and revolutionaries, demanding the U.S. extradition of the exiled Shah to Iran, stormed the U.S. embassy (dubbed the ?den of spies?) and took 52 white male American hostages. The hostage issue was a national obsession, prompting ABC executives to create a specially devoted TV program, ?The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage,? to update Americans on the situation day by day. Veteran newsman Ted Koppel soon took the helm as anchor of the program, which lasted for 440 of the 444 days the hostages were held. After the “


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