The Sentinel: “O’Connell points out that, while neoconservatives advocate several months of bombing Iran ? two or three months, at least, of bombing purported ‘nuclear’ sites in Iran, those sites are all in residential neighborhoods.
Supposing the administration were to bomb millions of Iranians, for two or three months, as neoconservatives are proposing, O’Connell wonders. ‘If we start another war,’ in Iran this time, ‘how do we get out of it?’ ‘There is no exit strategy ? like in Iraq.’ Right now, the U.S. maintains a tenuous hold in Iraq because of the majority Shia population who, led largely by Ayatollah Sistani, have chosen to try to participate in reestablishing Iraq as a nation. But Iraqi Shia might well react against an administration bombing millions of Shia in Iran, where they are 89 percent of the population.
Shia Islam has two main schools of thought: the theocratic, which predominates in Iran; and one that more separates church and state, which predominates in Iraq. Administration policy seems to aim at driving the two populations together in opposition to the U.S. This would approach the goal of a pan-Islam war, global war between the West and Muslims, advocated by some well-placed neoconservatives and also by Osama bin Laden. “


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