Iran, Jews and the Holocaust / The beneficent legacy of Persia remembered: "Moreover, as I have recounted in my book 'Persian Sphinx,' Iranian diplomats in Europe and elsewhere offered hundreds of Iranian passports to European Jews, thus saving their lives. And when the Nazi killing machines began their slaughter of innocent Polish Jews, 1,388 Jews,... Continue Reading →


Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran: "CIA analysts, some of whom had been involved only a year earlier on the flawed assessments of Iraq's weapons programs, initially speculated that a third country, such as Israel, may have fabricated the evidence. But they eventually discounted that theory.British intelligence, asked for a second... Continue Reading →

Iran will get the bomb, sooner or later - Deccan Herald - Internet Edition: "The evidence assembled by United Nations inspectors in the past two years ? in inspections that Iran?s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says will now end ? indicates that the country has assembled an impressive network of new suppliers, built the basic facilities... Continue Reading →

Martin Samuel The Times Online Opinion Football: "Invade Iran? There's another way, stupidMartin SamuelCheck the history books: 'limited war' would result in something far worse ? so let?s give sanctions a chanceTHERE IS NO situation in the Middle East so dire, that we cannot get a white guy in to make it worse. Next on... Continue Reading →

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