Iran will get the bomb, sooner or later – Deccan Herald – Internet Edition: “The evidence assembled by United Nations inspectors in the past two years ? in inspections that Iran?s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says will now end ? indicates that the country has assembled an impressive network of new suppliers, built the basic facilities it needs, and identified the critical technologies it must master.

Yet by virtually all assessments, that hasn?t been enough. The Iranians still have several years of work ahead of them, a judgment restated last week by John D Negroponte, the director of national intelligence.

The painstaking process of actually manufacturing the material to make a fuel usable in weapons, by enriching uranium or reprocessing spent plutonium from power reactors, is a lot harder than it looks in the movies. There is some evidence the Iranians have encountered technological roadblocks. “


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