TIME.com -- Joe Klein: Our Eyes Are Open. Now What?: "There was a breathtaking cynicism to all this. There was also utter disbelief that President George W. Bush actually thought he could bring democracy to a medieval society in which the strongest social units were tribes. Saddam was dangerously excessive, the neighbors agreed, but so... Continue Reading →


NATO May Help US Airstrikes on Iran: "Israel?s special forces are said to be operating inside Iran in an urgent attempt to locate the country?s secret uranium enrichment sites. ?We found several suspected sites last year but there must be more,? an Israeli intelligence source said. They are operating from a base in northern Iraq,... Continue Reading →

Iran's Best Friend - New York Times: "At the rate that President Bush is going, Iran will be a global superpower before too long. For all of the axis-of-evil rhetoric that has come out of the White House, the reality is that the Bush administration has done more to empower Iran than its most ambitious... Continue Reading →

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