The Persian Complex - New York Times: "If the United States resorts to sanctions, or worse, to some military response, the outcome would be not only disastrous but, in the long run, transient. Just as the West did with Iran's railroad and oil industry, it can for a time deny Iran nuclear technology, but it... Continue Reading →


Thinking Outside the Iran Box: "We are in a who-blinks-first game,' Bush said of Iran to a recent White House visitor. It is in fact a who-thinks-first, and best, game."

Thinking Outside the Iran Box: "That is the essence of containing what Charles de Gaulle called la force du faible , or the strength of the weak: the willingness of people to give up the relatively little they have in suicide bombings or 'irrational' nuclear saber rattling. They have no other way to respond to... Continue Reading →

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