Sabotage of water supply adds to Baghdad miseries : The Morning Call Online

Sabotage of water supply adds to Baghdad miseries : The Morning Call Online: “For weeks, Baghdad has been in the grip of a power shortage, lasting sometimes as long as 23 hours a day. That means there is no electricity to operate the city’s water pumps, leaving many areas with no running water. With temperatures already beginning to soar in advance of the approaching summer, many Baghdad residents have taken illegally to using their own generators to power electric pumps to draw water from the city’s system.

But a growing fuel shortage is making even that option unavailable for many. Saad looks at the coming months with dread. ”In addition to the continuous bombings and killings, the hot summer this year will complete the tragedy we live in,” he said.

Government officials blame recent attacks by al-Qaida in Iraq in part for the shortages. In recent weeks, insurgents have launched a campaign of damaging or destroying major roads and bridges in the capital. They have often used tanker trucks to stage such attacks. The damage, along with new security measures at key roadways to prevent similar attacks, have limited access to the capital by the trucks used to supply the country’s electric generators.”


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