Have you driven a Fjord lately?Think's zippy little Web-enabled, carbon-free electric driving machine could help reverse 100 years of automotive history, writes Business 2.0 magazine.Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Three pinstriped London investors stand outside an electric car factory in the green fields of the Norwegian countryside, waiting their turns to test-drive a stylish two-seater called... Continue Reading →


Quantum entanglement is an area of science that will one day dominate the way we look at information, the way we communicate secretly and the way our computers do their thing. Problem is, it's really bloody confusing! Duncan McKimm searches for some understanding of quantum entanglement and its uses.At the moment, quantum mechanics is one... Continue Reading →

BACKWARD RESEARCH GOES FORWARDUniversity of Washington physicist (and science-fiction author) John Cramer is moving forward with his experiment in backward causality, thanks in part to tens of thousands of dollars in contributions sent in by his fans. Although Cramer emphasizes that his lab is looking at “nonlocal quantum communication” rather than backward time travel per... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Accord With Tribes Backfired, Spy Chief Says July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's attempt to achieve a political settlement in restive tribal areas backfired, resulting in al-Qaeda establishing a safe haven there, the top U.S. intelligence official said. Still, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell said Musharraf, under pressure from Islamic militants... Continue Reading →

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