Hedging Iran’s Involvement in Iraq

Many of the “patriotic” commentators take as a given that the U.S. has the unquestionable right to intervene, meddle in or invade any country, anywhere, at any time for any reason; and that those countries have no right to self-defense or resistance. No consideration is given to those countries’ history, culture or religion – presumably because they are inferior – and no consideration is given to past U.S. policies that have led to the destruction of those countries’ values and ways of life.

To them it thus follows that the U.S. is perfectly justified to invade Iraq, killing untold thousands of innocent civilians, and then should proceed onward with Iran.

As a country, we lack all self-reflection: we have become profoundly insular in our ignorance of history, geography or other cultures, and are thus easily manipulated by acts of terrorism and the resultant fear and false patriotism stoked by cynical politicians, Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex for their own ends.

The neo-con Project for the New American Century is nothing less that an ideological fig leaf to justify the naked acts of aggression needed to seize and control the oil supply of the Middle East.

Thus the money from Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex flowed to the Republican Party and nativist evangelicals to buy the Presidency,with George W. Bush as its figurehead, and one of its members, Dick Cheney, to manipulate the strings.

Is it any wonder that the the profits of Big Oil and the members of the Military Industrial Complex
have been at their historical highest for the last three years? Who has profited from the $500+ billion spent on this war? Certainly not the Iraqis.

Now these same people are calling for war with Iran, a country that lacks the modern armament needed to defend itself or wage war beyond its borders, using the same pretexts.


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