Abbas turning into Arafat

Why is Israel happy to see Palestinian leader increasingly resembling tyrant he replaced?

Orly Noy Published: 07.08.07, 08:15 / Israel Opinion

It appears that the establishment of the Palestinian emergency government headed by Dr Salam Fayyad proved, in Prime Minister Olmert’s eyes, his optimistic approach in the face of the bloody chaos in the Gaza Strip: There, the horror show we’ve been watching with loud disapproval gave rise to the kind of government we’ve been seeking for ages.

A tie-wearing government without beards for the sake of which we are willing to hand over some withheld tax funds that Palestinians deserve by law and even engage in talk of prisoner release, roadblock removal, and promises for further “gestures” that Israeli politicians tend to make whenever they’re in good spirits.

However, all those celebrating this euphoria should be reminded that this dream government is supposed to run its course in about two weeks. According to the Palestinian constitution, an emergency government can only serve for a 30-day period and after that it needs the support of two-thirds of Legislative Council members. Considering the fact that the Palestinian parliament is comprised of Hamas members, this probably won’t happen.

What then will happen to the Palestinian political system within a short while? Will the emergency government indeed be disbanded and power returned to Hamas?


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