IraqSlogger: MP: "S.O.S." for Vulnerable Falluja Civilians

IraqSlogger: MP: “S.O.S.” for Vulnerable Falluja Civilians: “The MP told Slogger that bicycle travel is no longer allowed in the city, removing another form of transport that was available to Falluja residents earlier in the crackdown.
“Falluja looks like Guantanamo Prison,” al-Luhaybi said.
The curfew hits those with sensitive health issues the hardest, the MP said. Those who are most in need of medical care cannot make the long walk either to the hospital or to the designated minibus depot, and travel to a hospital is impossible during certain hours.
Even pregnant women in labor are forced to deliver at home, al-Luhaybi said, adding, “The health situation in the city is very bad’.
As reported earlier, the lack of medical supplies, medicines, and clean water has led to the spread of diseases among vulnerable populations in the city. Dirty drinking water has sickened many children with intestinal diseases, residents reported last month. “


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