The U.S. blacklisted me. Let’s talk. |

  In the summer of 2004, I was poised to start a dual professorship at Notre Dame University and eager for a more concentrated academic and public engagement than was previously allowed by my numerous but brief visits to the United States. But that was not to happen. My visa was canceled at the last... Continue Reading →


How much value do you put on "Mosquitoes", if that is what you think you are dealing with?U.S. promised Blackwater guards immunity, officials sayWASHINGTON (CNN) -- State Department investigators promised Blackwater guards immunity from prosecution for last month's deadly shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, according to officials familiar with the matter.That could potentially... Continue Reading →

Penalties on the Road to WarIn the first place, the penal code is unable to bring about any change in the political decision-making if penalties are imposed on regimes that give no weight to either public opinion or to the economic repercussions on people's standard of living and welfare. If these penalties have made the... Continue Reading →

Rein in the rush to a war in Iran :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Commentary: "Americans don't want to be tricked into another unjustified, unvetted war. We've got to clean up our mess in Iraq before we even consider fighting anybody else. That's why we applaud Sen. Dick Durbin's bill that would require President Bush, who... Continue Reading →

Dar Al Hayat: "Rudy Giuliani is surrounded by some of the vilest and most dangerous enemies of the Arabs and Muslims," ........... "However, a more important figure than the ones mentioned above is Stephen Rosen, a university professor and a member of The Project for the New American Century team. Since its launch, he has... Continue Reading →

Bush heads for miscalculation on Iran"The thing I find most striking in conversations with western officials is simply how little is known about Iran: about the power balance within the regime, the dynamics of the nuclear programme and, critically, how far that programme has progressed"George W. Bush warns that Iran’s nuclear ambitions threaten world war... Continue Reading →

What no body is talking about "Crocker Sees Signs of Hope in Iran" Listening to Administration officials in Washington this week, you'd be forgiven for thinking Iran is an incorrigible hegemon, making violent mischief in every corner of the Middle East in order to drive the U.S. out of the region. Iraq is often presented... Continue Reading →

The Culture War Descends on ColumbiaEsther Kaplan In the past few years, the students and faculty of Columbia University have found themselves in the midst of a culture war. They've seen their Middle East Studies department targeted as "anti-Israel" by one right-wing organization, the David Project. Two assistant professors, Joseph Massad and Nadia Abu El-Haj,... Continue Reading →

The New McCarthyism Meet Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj, a notorious Barnard College professor now up for tenure who: § claims the ancient Israelite kingdoms are a "pure political fabrication," § denies the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE and instead blames its destruction on the Jews, § does not speak or read Hebrew yet had... Continue Reading →

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