Unite, Iraqi Paper’s Headquarters Raided by Army Units
Az-ZamanAl-Mada’s editor-in-chief, Fakhri Kareem, wrote a statement on his paper’s front page indicating that al-Mada’s offices were subjected to an army raid on Tuesday morning. The army force confiscated books and “old documents and notebooks” from the premises, the statement said. According to Kareem, this is the third time al-Mada’s offices get raided, after an Iraqi-American raid last week that searched a building belonging to al-Mada’s establishment (aside from the newspaper, al-Mada also owns a publishing house.) Kareem demanded a “formal apology,” adding that “Al-Mada condemns this irresponsible behavior towards a newspaper … whose positions are clear in approving and supporting the political process and the democratic transformation in the country, and opposing violence and terrorism.”


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