Dar Al Hayat: “Rudy Giuliani is surrounded by some of the vilest and most dangerous enemies of the Arabs and Muslims,” ……….. “However, a more important figure than the ones mentioned above is Stephen Rosen, a university professor and a member of The Project for the New American Century team. Since its launch, he has engaged in a campaign aimed at imposing the hegemony of an American empire all over world. The members’ letters addressed to Bill Clinton and George Bush urge them to wage a war on Iraq as the empire intends to dominate the entire Middle East and spread American military bases in it. The letters also urge lending support for Israel, reject a compromise with the Palestinians leading to the creation of a state of their own, and make the war on terror a pretext for hegemony. Peter Berkowitz is considered the team theoretician. He is founding member and the director of The Israel Program on Constitutional Government. He is a neocon Jew who gives priority to Israel’s interests over any other interests, including those of his own country, the United States. Despite the above, Martin Kramer, Daniel Pipe, and Norman Podhoretz remain the worst and the most dangerous for Arabs, Muslims, and international peace.”


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