How much value do you put on “Mosquitoes”, if that is what you think you are dealing with?

U.S. promised Blackwater guards immunity, officials say

WASHINGTON (CNN) — State Department investigators promised Blackwater guards immunity from prosecution for last month’s deadly shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, according to officials familiar with the matter.

That could potentially complicate any attempt to bring criminal charges in the case, the officials said.
The Justice Department and FBI refused comment on the investigation, which the State Department announced in early October. Blackwater also declined to comment.
“They were told their statements can’t be used against them,” said one U.S. government official. “But this doesn’t necessarily mean charges can never be brought against these guys.”
A second official called the limited immunity “surprising and confusing” and questioned the authority of the State Department’s diplomatic security investigators to unilaterally make immunity decisions.


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