New Hampshire IMC: US "Diplomacy" from Annapolis to Pakistan: Do as You’re Told, or We’ll Kill You


Of course, that’s not how the argument starts, but tends to be where it ends up. No one involved in the recent so-called "Peace" Summit in Annapolis even pretended that it might achieve a substantive agreement on the issues. Instead, as NPR recently reported, "the Israelis and Palestinians are… expected to recommit themselves through confidence-building measures that they agreed to four years ago as part of the so-called roadmap to peace."

Almost all those words are likely crafted by PR experts, leaving false impressions while telling the technical truth. Generally left unmentioned, the Palestinian minority faction (Fatah) held up as this "partner of peace," does not represent the interests of the Palestinian people, according to the democratically elected Hamas government, which wasn’t even invited. Also unmentioned, the US and Israel shipped truckloads of M-16’s to Fatah which they used in the recent coup attempt against the legitimate Palestinian government.

Anyone who took a close look at the picture of Fatah gunmen in the June 14, 2007 issue of the NY Times would notice that most of them are using expensive American rifles in their clashes with Hamas. As usual, in that article the NY Times portrays the democratic forces of Hamas as the aggressors of some sort of coup, but the facts are the opposite of the overtones in their story. There seems to be little need to build confidence between the occupiers of Palestine and its Fatah collaborators, so the official purpose of the "summit" was achieved before it stated.

New Hampshire IMC: US "Diplomacy" from Annapolis to Pakistan: Do as You’re Told, or We’ll Kill You


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