INCITE, 265 Million Processor-Hours Awarded


265 million processor-hours were awarded to 55 scientific projects, the largest amount of supercomputing resource awards donated in the DOE’s history and three times that of last year’s award. The projects-with applications from aeronautics to astrophysics, and from climate change to combustion research-were chosen based on their potential breakthroughs in the science and engineering research and their suitability of the project for using supercomputers. These awards will allow cutting-edge research to be carried out in weeks or months, rather than years or decades, giving scientists access to some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers at DOE national laboratories.

The allocations of supercomputing and data storage resources will be made under DOE’s Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program, which supports computationally intensive, large-scale research projects. The 2008 projects were awarded time at DOE’s Leadership Computing Facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, as well as at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, and the Molecular Science Computing Facility at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington. Of the 31 new projects and 24 renewal projects selected, eight are from industry, 17 from universities and 20 from DOE labs as well as other public, private and international researchers.

INCITE, 265 Million Processor-Hours Awarded


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