CNN interviews Iraq soldiers: none want a Republican to win the election


I just saw a special report on CNN.  The reporter was asking Iraqi soldiers  who they would like to see win our presidential election.   Some said Hillary, others said Obama, others just said “Democrat, whoever, Democrat”.  When asked why, they said they’re fighting “a Republican war, we’ve seen Republican war….let’s see what Democrats can bring here”.  Some said it’s really a war between U.S. and Iran, just taking place in their country.   
Even with CNN bias, or Clinton bias, I think it was very telling.  I’d actually like to see a lot more candid interviews with Iraqi citizens–ones not  produced by the Pentagon.  
Interestingly, last year, one of the congressional oversight committees invited ten Iraqi legislators to come to a hearing and talk about their points of view.  
The committee kept pressing the State Department to arrange this, but they wouldn’t respond.   As Patrick Leahy recently discovered,  the reason the Iraqi legislators won’t come is because our State Department won’t issue them temporary visas.

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