A Critique of Shortsighted Anthropic Principles

  A Critique of Shortsighted Anthropic Principles Many people marvel that we live in a universe that seems to be precisely tailored to suit the development of intelligent life. The observation is the basis for some forms of "Anthropic Principles" that strive to explain why the laws of physics take the form we observe, given... Continue Reading →


Doughnut-shaped Universe bites back : Nature News

  Astronomers say Universe is small and finite. Zeeya Merali Mmm... Universe. Calculations show it really might be shaped like the snack favourite. The doughnut is making a comeback – at least as a possible shape for our Universe. The idea that the universe is finite and relatively small, rather than infinitely large, first became... Continue Reading →

JPL.NASA.GOV: News Releases

  NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars LandingMay 13, 2008 WASHINGTON -- NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander is preparing to end its long journey and begin a three-month mission to taste and sniff fistfuls of Martian soil and buried ice. The lander is scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet May 25. Phoenix will enter... Continue Reading →

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