Beyond Nano Breakthrough, MIT Team Quietly Builds Virus-Based Batteries – Popular Mechanics

  Beyond Nano Breakthrough, MIT Team Quietly Builds Virus-Based Batteries (Photo Courtesy of Belcher Laboratory/MIT)CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In a surprise development that could have implications for powering electronics, cars and even the military, researchers at MIT have created the world's first batteries constructed at the nano scale by microscopic viruses. A much-buzzed-about paper published in... Continue Reading →


The Einstein-Rosen Bridge

  The Einstein-Rosen Bridge By Samuel Joseph George In 1916 Einstein first introduced his general theory of relativity, a theory which to this day remains the standard model for gravitation. Twenty years later, he and his long-time collaborator Nathan Rosen published a paper[1] showing that implicit in the general relativity formalism is a curved-space structure... Continue Reading →

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  "I love working with passionate people who want to help address climate change and poverty" … Nicole Kuepper yesterday.Photo: Kate Geraghty Advertisement Deborah Smith, Science EditorAugust 20, 2008 FOR her 10th birthday, Nicole Kuepper received an inspirational present from her parents - her first solar-energy kit. It sparked a fascination with solar technology that... Continue Reading →

Science News / Stars Ablaze In Other Skies

  Calculations find that many universes could sustain stars Fred Adams sees stars in the most unlikely places. His calculations suggest that, contrary to some previous claims, stars are not only common in our cosmos but are also ablaze in myriad other universes, where the laws of physics may be drastically different. Even in a... Continue Reading →

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