No place for terrorists’ bodies in ‘sacred India’: Muslim group


No place for terrorists’ bodies in ‘sacred India’: Muslim group

Monday, 01 December , 2008, 17:13

Mumbai: The terrorists behind the Mumbai strike should not get a “final resting place anywhere in sacred Mother India”, because Islam does not permit the killing of innocent people, a prominent Muslim organisation said on Monday.

Muslim Council president Ibrahim Tai said he has written to the trustees of Bada Kabrastan in south Mumbai, the biggest graveyard in the city close to the JJ Hospital where the autopsies of the slain terrorists were conducted, as well as to the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra Government.

“As per Islamic tenets, killing of innocent persons is not permitted whatever may be the cause. What these terrorists have done is anti-Islam and shames all followers of Islam,” Tai said.

He added that even wasting a drop of water was considered a grave sin in Islam. “These terrorists have killed so many innocents and shed streams of blood. They cannot be Muslims or followers of Islam. So they cannot have a final resting place anywhere on sacred Mother India,” Tai said.

He said the authorities could dispose of the bodies in any manner, but not inter them on Indian land or Indian waters.

At least 183 people were killed in the 60 hours between Wednesday night and Saturday morning when 11 terrorists targeted about 10 locations in the city. Ten died in gunbattles and one was taken captive by the security forces.

No place for terrorists’ bodies in ‘sacred India’: Muslim group


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