Technology Review: Microsoft Demos Augmented Vision

  Better computer-vision algorithms overlay digital information on the real world. Altered vision: This laptop is running augmented-reality software developed by Microsoft engineers. It can recognize a person’s location using the built-in camera. In this demonstration, virtual bubbles lead to a virtual pot of gold. Credit: Microsoft Today, Microsoft researchers will demonstrate software that can,... Continue Reading →


BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Race for ‘God particle’ heats up

  By James Morgan Science reporter, BBC News, Chicago Lyn Evans says the magnet incident was a real setback for Cern Europe's particle physics lab, Cern, is losing ground rapidly in the race to discover the elusive Higgs boson, or "God particle", its US rival claims. The particle, whose existence has been predicted by theoreticians,... Continue Reading →

Gaza: Inside the world’s biggest prison

  Evidence is mounting that the Israeli defence forces used the Gaza assault as a testing ground for new, horrific weapons that have confounded doctors’ attempts to save the wounded. THERE WERE MANY ways to die during the Israeli offensive on Gaza. From their hospital beds at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, Atallah Saad, 13, and Yussef... Continue Reading →

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