FT.com / Weekend / Reportage – Is the west thwarting Arab plans for reform?

  By David Gardner, Photomontage by Charlie Bibby Published: April 10 2009 14:43 | Last updated: April 10 2009 14:43 The many faces of Islamic leadership (clockwise from top left) 1. Osama bin Laden; 2. Saddam Hussein; 3. Rashid Rida, influential Islamist scholar; 4. Mohammad Khatami, former Iranian president; 5. Muhammed Abduh, Egyptian religious scholar... Continue Reading →


Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Why ET’s genetic code could be just like ours

  Why ET's genetic code could be just like ours A new thermodynamic analysis suggests that 10 of life's 20 amino acids must be common throughout the cosmos Monday, April 06, 2009 One of the great outstanding questions in biology involves the evolution of the genetic code and the fact it relies on 20 amino... Continue Reading →

Op-Ed Contributor – Israel on Trial – NYTimes.com

  CHILLING testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel’s Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law. The emergence of a predominantly right-wing, nationalist government in Israel suggests that there may be more violations to come. Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians also constituted war crimes, but do not excuse Israel’s transgressions.... Continue Reading →

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