The Iranian: Arabs in Persian literature

  Based on a painting by Khosro Roshan Bani Ajam September 1997The Iranian Bani aadam a'zaay-e yekdigarnd.Human beings are parts of one body.- Sa'di, 13th century Iranian poet Arab dar biyaabaan malakh meekhorad, sag-e esfahaan aab-e yakh mikhorad .In the desert, the Arab eats locusts; the [Iranian] dog from Isfahan drinks cold water. -- Persian... Continue Reading →


Are Iranians Anti-Arab? Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

  Are Iranians Anti-Arab?30/03/2007 Amir Taheri was born in Iran and educated in Tehran, London and Paris. Between 1980 and 1984 he was Middle East editor for the London Sunday Times. Taheri has been a contributor to the International Herald Tribune since 1980. He has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York... Continue Reading →

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