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  Physicists call for alien messaging protocol   By Liz Tay on Jan 28, 2011 12:50 PM (15 hours ago) Filed under Networking Framework for extraterrestrial communications proposed. Earth's previous attempts to contact intelligent, extraterrestrial life could be too disorganised or cryptic for non-human beings to decode, US physicists have reported. In a submission to... Continue Reading →


No mention of Mohammad before 691 A.D.

Yehuda Nevo has found in the Arab religious texts, dating from the first century and a half of Arab rule (seventh to eighth century A.D.), a monotheistic creed. However, he contends that this creed "is demonstrably not Islam, but [a creed] from which Islam could have developed." (Nevo 1994:109) Nevo also found that "in all... Continue Reading →

Solar sail unfurled in orbit | KurzweilAI

  Solar sail unfurled in orbit January 25, 2011 by Editor [+] Artist's concept of a solar sail in Earth orbit (NASA) NASA’s NanoSail-D spacecraft has become unstuck and has unfurled a gleaming sheet of space-age fabric 650 km above Earth, becoming the first-ever solar sail to circle our planet. NanoSail-D spent the previous month... Continue Reading →

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