Interorbital Systems – TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit | International Space Fellowship

Personal Satellite for $8000.00 Planet Earth has entered the age of the Personal Satellite with the introduction of Interorbital’s TubeSat Personal Satellite (PS) Kit. The new IOS TubeSat PS Kit is the low-cost alternative to the CubeSat. It has three-quarters of the mass (0.75-kg) and volume of a CubeSat, but still offers plenty of room... Continue Reading →


Physics Buzz: Hawking & Mlodinow: No ‘theory of everything’

  Thursday, September 30, 2010 Hawking & Mlodinow: No 'theory of everything' In a Scientific American essay based on their new book A Grand Design, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow are now claiming physicists may never find a theory of everything. Instead, they propose a "family of interconnected theories" might emerge, with each describing a... Continue Reading →

e-OTI: The Internet Society and Developing Countries

  The Internet Society and Developing Countries By George Sadowsky All countries of the world are faced with substantial numbers of major challenges. Among them are the provision for their inhabitants of good health, adequate education, opportunities for advancement, adequate housing, employment, sufficient income to meet material needs, a sense of personal security within... Continue Reading →

Iran | OpenNet Initiative

  Published on 16/Jun/2009 The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to expand and consolidate its technical filtering system, which is among the most extensive in the world. A centralized system for Internet filtering has been implemented that augments the filtering conducted at the Internet service provider (ISP) level. Iran now employs domestically produced technology for... Continue Reading →

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