Iranian Activists: Fight for Iran is Battle Over Access to Technology | National Security Network

“we need a Satellite to provide free internet access to Iran” Iranian Activists: Fight for Iran is Battle Over Access to Technology   Press Release 23 March 2010  Iran Green Movement iran Technology Washington, D.C. - After the 2009 political upheaval in Iran, both the strength of the Iranian government and momentum of the Green... Continue Reading →


What no body is talking about "Crocker Sees Signs of Hope in Iran" Listening to Administration officials in Washington this week, you'd be forgiven for thinking Iran is an incorrigible hegemon, making violent mischief in every corner of the Middle East in order to drive the U.S. out of the region. Iraq is often presented... Continue Reading →

Hamas’s strength has been in its ability to provide social services at a time that the Palestinian Authority had failed to do so The Al-Wurud Organization supports 130 poor families by providing food packages during holy days, feasts, and at the beginning of the school year. They hold workshops for women on social, educational and... Continue Reading →

How dare Iran not wanting US to interfere in the Middle East "What is striking about what they said today, comparing U.S.-Iran talks with five years ago on Afghanistan, is that we're dealing with an Iranian government that feels the wind is behind it and America's moment in the Middle East is receding -- and... Continue Reading →

Iran Reformist Paper Shut Down _ Again TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's leading reformist daily newspaper was ordered closed Tuesday, less than two months after it was allowed to resume publishing, the paper's manager said. The daily Hammihan, or Compatriot, was banned in 2000 by the hard-line Iranian judiciary after it called for improving Iranian ties... Continue Reading →

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